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If you had an abortion, helped or participated in one, but are still suffering spiritually and/or emotionally, or if you feel you are a victim of abortion and want to talk with a compassionate person, I recommend Rachel Ministries in Ft. Worth. 

Rachel Ministries in Ft. Worth provides help and support, to both men and women through weekend retreats, post abortion aftercare, a telephone help line, peer counseling, national and local conferences, Christian television and radio, peer counseling as well as referrals to licensed mental health professionals and clergy. 

Rachel Ministries in Ft. Worth has put together a prayerful, compassionate and dedicated team who possess the knowledge and skills to be very helpful. 

Many are able to reconcile their loss with God, themselves, and their aborted children. 


Christian Counseling of Texas refers only to Rachel Ministries in Ft. Worth. 

They can be reached at 817-923-4757. 

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